System for eIDAS Qualified Signing 

Easy and reliable PDF, document, file signing for companies

Zero Driver

CloudFoxy is a system, which wraps secure hardware with a RESTful API. That means you use it just like any other cloud service - simply, no drivers. 


The purpose of CloudFoxy is to give your business access to the most secure technology with the highest possible independent certifications.


CloudFoxy is a mere interface, which connects your applications with secure chips / processors. It can be chips of your choice and provided with CloudFoxy

Document Signing

Document Signing

CloudFoxy integrates with JSignPdf software for digital document signing. Our integration allows use of high security smart cards, including eIDAS (electronic IDentification, Authentication and trust Services in EU).

A high flexibility of the solution is ensured by the use of a network proxy, which can be moved to an arbitrary location to provide access to the RESTful API of CloudFoxy.

The integration provides a complete set of functions for successful integrations into customers’ infrastructure.

Multiple CloudFoxy servers can be accessed via a single RESTful API. This approach provides HTTPS security, easy integration, and management of hundreds or even thousands of smart cards.

Automation of signing with CLI:
java -jar JSignPdf.jar -kst remote -ksf localhost:4001 -ka “David Joe” -kp 123456 “file.pdf" 

"... very inventive way to create a system with over 100 crypto processors ..."

blind review – high-security encryption expert


CloudFoxy as well as our CloudFoxy PDF Signer is a web-service in a box. It is a self- contained solution. It can operate without any dependencies on external cloud services, when this is not desirable or prohibited by your security policies.If your requirements change, your systems will already be integrated with web services, which run inside CloudFoxy servers.

CloudFoxy technology is based on a revolutionary platform for reliable integration of secure chips in the form of smartcards / SIM cards. We achieved the reliability by fully controlling the application stack.

CloudFoxy Enterprise Module - high-speed, high-reliability smart-card interface with TCP/IP interface. It can host up to 120 smartcards. Its low power consuption and low cooling requirements are achieved by using 1.8V or 3.3V for smartcard power supply.

There are a number of integration options for CloudFoxy - from direct TCP/IP connectivity, RESTful API, with provided open-source software tools.

PDF signing made simple

CloudFoxy is a service, which hides away all the complexity of using secure smartcards (i.e., secure signature creation devices - SSCD) and encryption. All that is taken care of inside our server and users’ computers don’t need to get installed any proprietary applications.

If you prefer to start using CloudFoxy out of the box, we can offer an integration based on shared folders for “file in” and “signed file out” folders. You simply drag and drop files into this folder to get them signed.

This way, you can sign PDF files, but also any other files to get email compliant signatures.

Product Options

Use of document signing services makes sense for small users. CloudFoxy is a web-service in a box which you can use as much as you want with a fixed support fee if you require it. Our pricing is competitive for anyone who decides to take digital signing seriously. 

Keep your signing keys secure in-place

CloudFoxy system loaded with PGP SmartCards ready for X.509 signatures, e.g. with Email / SMIME certificates 

Comply with eIDAS - web service in a box

CloudFoxy system ready for signing chips / smart-cards of your choice. We will provide necessary integration as part of the delivery with zero additional cost.

CloudFoxy with 50 or 100 Smart Cards

  • 1U CloudFoxy Server for rack or office use

  • 50 or 100 smartcards with OpenPGP application

  • PDF signing integration

  • RESTful API for application integration

  • Delivery 1-4 weeks

eIDAS Compliance with national smart-cards

  • 1U CloudFoxy Server for rack or office use

  • integration for new trust providers included

  • PDF signing integration

  • RESTful API for application integration

  • Delivery 1-6 weeks incl integration

CloudFoxy is a brand of Smart Arcs Ltd, a company registered in England and Wales - reg. no.: 07359131. The registered address of Smart Arcs Ltd is ideaSpace, 3 Charles Babbage Rd, CB3 0GT United Kingdom. 

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